Monday, March 12, 2018

Eglinton Crosstown Update: Open House Meeting

Join Metrolinx & Crosslinx to  learn about the progress at the following stations:  

Chaplin, Avenue, Eglinton, Mount Pleasant & Leaside stations.... 

On Wed Mar 21 6:30 - 8 PM 
At the Yonge & Eglinton Centre 2300 Yonge St.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Easter Bunny Colouring Contest at Tuft's Valu-Mart!

Once again Patrick will help celebrate Easter with our friends at Tuft's Valu-Mart on Bayview & Davisville. Drop by the store to pick up your Easter Bunny Ballot from one of the friendly cashiers and colour it in your finest colours!

Return it to Tuft's Valu-Mart before Saturday March 31st. On that Saturday, Patrick will be at the store from 12 to 2 PM to start the Easter celebration and to hand out prizes to the Top 3 Easter Bunnies!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

March Break in Davisville & Leaside Free Family Skate

Avoid becoming a mortgage fraud victim with these tips

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REGISTRAR, Real Estate Council of Ontario   
Sat., March 3, 2018

How does somebody avoid becoming a victim of mortgage fraud?

Mortgage fraud involves tricking a financial institution into lending money when it otherwise wouldn’t. Sometimes, it involves individuals attempting to buy houses they can’t afford.

If a lender ever asks you to fill out a mortgage application form, it’s very important that you be completely honest. Knowingly inflating your income, misrepresenting the amount or the source of your down payment, purchasing a rental property and then claiming it as owner-occupied, failing to disclose existing debts or even misstating your job position on an application can all constitute mortgage fraud. You can be held both financially and criminally liable.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Condo meeting details must be provided when properly requested

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By GERRY HYMANCondo Law Columnist
Sat., Feb. 24, 2018

The actual minutes from board meetings must be provided to owners who complete the correct forms asking to see them.  (DREAMSTIME)

When a unit owner requests a copy of the minutes from a board meeting, can the board instead provide just a list of motions that were passed and approve the minutes of previous board meetings?

No. If the owner completes and submits the prescribed Request for Records form requesting specific board minutes, the owner is entitled to examine or receive a copy of the actual minutes. The board cannot merely provide the owner with a list of resolutions passed at the meeting.

The corporation must delete from the requested minutes any information relating to matters that the Condominium Act specifies are not included in an owner’s right to examine records. Those matters include information in the minutes that relate to employees of the corporation, information relating to actual or pending litigation or insurance investigations involving the corporation, and records relating to specific units or owners other than the requesting owner or that owner’s unit.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

TREB's Market Watch for January 2018

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